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What is ASAP? 

ASAP stands for "Antisemitism Awareness Project"


Our student-led pop-up museums and school clubs are designed to create an awareness and understanding of modern day hate and antisemitism through the lens of the rhetoric, hate, and historical events that led to the Holocaust. 

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Modern day hate groups are using a similar playbook today as they did during Nazi era - not just against Jews but against many marginalized groups. ASAP’s mission is to help people open their eyes to the modern realities of hate and realize that sitting back is not an option if we do not want history to repeat itself.

What is

ASAP's mission? 

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holocaust museum? 

History. Hate. Hope. Our tagline says it all. ASAP is not about the Holocaust but rather about the roadmap that led to the creation of the Holocaust.


Both ASAP Pop-up Museum and Clubs are about creating discussion and awareness of modern day prejudice, hate, and violence through the lens of history from WWI through Kristallnacht.

ASAP Museum-C7.jpg

While ASAP was created in response to a Jewish teen's direct experience facing antisemitism at his high school, 50% of the student leaders in ASAP are not Jewish.


ASAP was create to shine a light on the power and process of hate while also giving hope and action steps to address hate.


Jewish group?

ASAP Museum-C7.jpg

What is the

history of ASAP?

In 2022, the founder of ASAP came face-to-face with multiple instances of antisemitism at his new high school. ASAP was born from his desire to make a difference and shine a light on the realities of modern day hate.


Click here for more details. 

ASAP Museum-C7.jpg

How can I

get involved?

There are a number of ways for you to get involved with ASAP as well as support the fight against hate. Click on each option for details.

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