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Student-led, the ASAP pop-up museum & clubs create awareness and understanding of modern day hate and antisemitism through the lens of the rhetoric, hate, and historical events that led to the Holocaust. 


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The museum's key creatives are designed on easily reprinted, high-end poster boards. This allows interested institutions to recreate the ASAP pop-up Museum for their own community with minimal effort. 

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Easy to recreate, museums can be hosted globally.


ASAP does NOT charge organizations to host our museum, but there may be shipping or printing fees. To learn more, please click here to request details.

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ASAP Museum

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Members of an ASAP Club learn about the realities of modern day hate while also working to expand and support the ASAP Museum within their own communities.

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How to

get involved

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Upcoming event areas:

San Francisco Bay Area


Please contact your institution to see if they are hosting an ASAP Museum or if they would like to host one. 

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"I thought it was really powerful, clearly a lot of thought and care went into it... it sends a really powerful message advocating for change"

Doug L

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